Starting Line

You know that line about the journey of a million miles starts with one step?   Well, your journey with the WBA starts with us getting information on your business so we can help promote it.   Here’s what we need from you to get you up and running

  • Addresses (if you want to promote physical locations)
  • Web address
  • Phone number
  • Hours (if applicable)
  • Bullet points for audio script (please give us at least 5)
  • Call to action (if any)
  • Your logo preferably in PNG transparent format as large as possible (ideally 2000 or more pixels wide)
  •  Any pictures of your business or products in JPEG format (ideally landscape 2000 or more pixels wide)
  • Any videos on YouTube or Vimeo that you would like to promote.   Please send us the links.
  • Any social media links
  • Whatever you might have that will help us tell your story

You can e-mail these to us.   Or you can upload them to, or google drive and send us the link.