The Westplex Business Alliance (WBA) is all about helping MSB’s grow. What are MSB’s? Micro and Small Businesses.

Micro businesses are usually solopreneurs or businesses with 5 or less employees. Small businesses are those from more than 5 to a few hundred, typically around 200 employees.

MSB’s are the REAL growth engine of the USA economy. But MSB’s don’t get the attention of the big companies and usually get the least help from local, county, state and federal government agencies. At the Westplex Business Alliance our focus is on helping the MSB’s grow and prosper, and even have some fun along the way.

As an MSB you’re probably not driving around in a Ferrari. We get it. You have to pinch each penny until old Abe screams! That’s why we’ve made it super affordable to join. How does less than a dollar a day sound? Here’s just part of what you’ll get for your super affordable price of just $349 per year:

  • Promotion of you biz on several of our social media sites
  • Production of a video for YouTube with VMO and promotion
  • Promotion on several of the Westplex sites including Westplex.com, Westplex.news, Westplex.video and more
  • One ad per day on Westplex 107.1
  • Your banner ad on at least 10 Westplex focused websites
  • Your business listing right here on Westplex.biz including:
    • Complete details of your business including web address and contact info
    • Pictures of your business
    • A video of your business
    • Complete SEO of your listing including:
      • Meta description
      • Keyphrase
      • Custom slug
      • Image optimization
      • Outbound links
      • And More

CLICK HERE to find out about our WBA membership packages.

I’ve been a small business owner since 1984. My goal is to help you grow your business with traditional and new marketing ideas and knowledge. And have some fun along the way.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me via text or phone at 636-321-1111 (Yes, that’s my cell phone number and I do answer my calls and reply to your texts)

Brad Hildebrand